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Matyo Embroidery in Hungarian Culture: Use on Cell Phone Cases and Laptop Bags

Matyo embroidery is a form of folk art of the Hungarian Matyo community of the area around Mezokövesd, a town in the north east area of Hungary. It is characterized by floral motifs that are used to decorate the traditional dress of this part of Europe.

Zombie I Phone 5 Case Hand Drawn By DW Miller by ConceptsByMiller on DeviantArtThis type of traditional Hungarian dress is worn by the Matyo people principally during celebrations and for folk dancing and other traditional events. The floral designs are not only restricted to embroidered clothing and other items, but are also used in architecture, interior décor and in the contemporary Hungarian fashion industry. Such designs represent the culture of this part of Hungary, the residents of which are very protective of their heritage which gives them a particular sense of identity.

Matyo Embroidery in Hungarian Folk Art

We cannot mention Matyo embroidery without noting that the Matyo Folk Art Association was established in 1991, specifically to ensure that the embroidery skills of the area are not allowed to die. It is responsible for introducing the Borsóka Embroidery Circle, a group which is committed to teaching the art of Matyo embroidery and ensuring that it endures down the generations.

Red appears to be the predominant color in this type of embroidery, with vibrant blues, greens and yellows supporting it. They are bright primary color designs, used not only on traditional fabrics and clothing, but also on embroidered pendants, shoes, sandals, purses, bags, cell phone cases and a multitude of other items that are not used only for their decorative appeal but are also functional!

Hungarian Cultural Heritage

This form of Hungarian art appeals to all generations worldwide. The appeal of bright and vibrant primary colors is timeless, which is one reason for its international popularity. Another reason is that it appeals equally to kids and to their great-grandparents. Many Hungarian embroidery designs transcend generations and popular art forms. It is quite simply beautiful to look at, and you feel special when wearing it!

Before a form of folk art is officially internationally recognized, it should be accepted as such by an international body. Matyo embroidery was added to the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage on Wednesday, December 5th, 2012. This makes it an official aspect of Hungarian heritage — and rightly so.

Matyo Embroidery on Phone Cases and Covers

Many modern items are embellished and beautified using traditional Hungarian Matyo embroidery. Apart from the clothing which it brightens up and gives a lively spring and summer look, this form of Hungarian embroidery is used on items such as laptop bags, tablet covers and particularly cell phone cases and covers.


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