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The child, a U.S

A Yemeni mother who was denied entry to the U.S. under a controversial travel ban has been granted a visa and a travel waiver, the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) told CBS News.

CAIR had called for authorities to swiftly issue the visa to Shaima Swileh, a Yemeni national living in Egypt, so she can see her 2-year-old son Abdullah Hassan one last time.

The child, a U.S. citizen, has been on life support at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in Oakland for the past month. He was born with a brain condition that caused weekly seizures, 해남출장안마 according to his father, Ali Hassan. The Trump administration’s travel ban, which applies to travelers from mostly Muslim majority nations, has been keeping Swileh from entering the U.S. — «literally separating family from each other,» according to Hassan.

«I’m literally seeing my son dying in front of my eyes,» Hassan told CBS News’ Mireya Villarreal.

Hassan is a U.S. citizen living in Stockton, California. His son was born in Yemen and later became a U.S. citizen. In October, Hassan brought his son from Cairo to the U.S. for medical treatment. That was the last time the toddler saw his mother.

Doctors have indicated the child may not be able to survive on life support much longer.

CAIR told CBS News’ Villarreal that Swileh has been granted a visa for relatives of U.S. citizens and a travel ban waiver. The family was notified early Tuesday.

The travel ban includes certain exemptions and allows for waiver applications for undue hardship if entry is denied, if the admission is in the national interest and won’t pose a national security risk, according to the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

The visa Swileh was issued will allow her to stay in the U.S. regardless of what happens to the boy and continue with the process of becoming a citizen, Villarreal reports.


brother, Bubba Hiers, saying she suffered from sexual harassment and racially offensive talk and employment practices that were unfair to black workers during her five years as a manager of Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House. The dismissal deal came less than two weeks after Judge William T. Moore dismissed the race discrimination claims, ruling Jackson, who is white, had no standing to sue over what she said was poor treatment of black workers. He let Jackson’s claims of sexual harassment stand, but those were dropped in the deal between the lawyers. «While this has been a difficult time for both my family and myself, I am pleased that the judge dismissed the race claims and I am looking forward to getting this behind me, now that the remaining claims have been resolved,» Deen, 66, said in a statement Friday. While Deen said in her statement that «those who truly know how I live my life know that I believe in kindness and fairness for everyone,» she also promised to take a closer look at how her employees are treated. «Moving forward my team and I are working to review the workplace environment issues that were raised in this matter and to retool all of my businesses operations,» Deen said. «I look forward to getting back to doing what I love.» Deen is co-owner of the restaurant, which is primarily run by her brother. Jackson also claimed that Hiers sexually harassed her when she worked at the restaurant from 2005 to 2010. Regardless of the truth behind Jackson’s claims, her lawsuit resulted in serious damage to Deen’s public image. It was Jackson’s lawyer who questioned Deen under oath in May when she acknowledged having used racial slurs in the past. A transcript of the legal deposition became public in June, and the backlash against Deen caused the Food Network and other corporate sponsors and business partners to drop her. Her upcoming book was dropped by the publisher and companies including Wal-Mart, Target and Caesars Entertainment Corp. severed ties with her. The deal to resolve the suit comes little more than a month after Deen and Hiers dumped their attorneys and hired a new legal team. In her lawsuit, Jackson had claimed Hiers frequently made jokes containing racial slurs at work and prohibited black workers from using the restaurant’s front entrance and customer restrooms. She said she was personally offended because she had biracial nieces. Attorneys for Deen said in court filings that Jackson’s lawsuit was based on «scurrilous and false claims.» They said before Jackson filed suit, she threatened to embarrass Deen publicly unless she paid the ex-employee «huge sums of money.»



He let Jackson’s claims of sexual harassment stand, but those were dropped in the deal between the lawyers

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Attorneys have signed an agreement to dismiss a sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit against Paula Deen, who was dropped by the Food Network and 전라남도출장안마 other business partners after she said under oath that she had used racial slurs in the past.

A document filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Savannah, Ga., said both sides agreed to drop the lawsuit «without any award of costs or fees to any party.» No other details of the agreement were released. The judge in the case had not signed an order to finalize the dismissal.

Former employee Lisa Jackson last year sued the celebrity cook and her


It appears that the problem wasn’t recognized quickly enough by staff to stem the spread of the infection

양평출장안마Officials say the outbreak started in late February at the Oro Valley Country Club, which began a three-day shutdown on Saturday after club officials continued to get scattered reports that members were coming down with the sickness.

Managers at the club have been disinfecting the facilities, but health workers told CBS affiliate KOLD-TV the virus continues to spread.

The illness apparently emerged during the country club’s Oro Valley Ladies Invitational, which ended on Feb. 27, health department officials said. About 120 women participated, including about 60 who were not club members.

Ann Rogers, the golf tournament’s chairwoman, said she first received a call from two people complaining of virus symptoms on Feb. 28.

«They said they had a stomachache in the middle of the night and started throwing up,» Rogers said.

After calling more people who had been at the tournament, Rogers said there were enough people affected to call the health department.

Because of the symptoms and 함평출장안마 how fast the disease has been transmitted, officials with the Arizona Department of Health Services believe the cause is a norovirus, agency spokeswoman Patti Woodcock said. That has not yet been confirmed.

Noroviruses can cause stomach-related distress such as sudden-onset vomiting, diarrhea and severe abdominal cramps.

Woodcock said norovirus outbreaks occur regularly and that the county department has investigated five other incidents during the past few months. However, she said this is the first time the disease appears to have spread from one place to another in Pima County.

«It is now progressing,» she said. «People are passing it and passing it and passing it. It appears that the problem wasn’t recognized quickly enough by staff to stem the spread of the infection. People who played at the country club went and played at other country clubs.»

Woodcock said a food handler at the Oro Valley Country Club who worked while ill is believed to be the first to transmit the illness. She said the virus has spread to two other golf clubs, but declined to release their names, citing the ongoing investigation.

Jeff Sindelar, general manager of the Oro Valley Country Club, said club officials don’t know of any employee who worked while sick.

«If you were an employee and you had the virus, you show no symptoms of it, what do you do about it? How do you know you are not passing it on to everybody?» Sindelar told the Arizona Daily Star.

Woodcock said no one has been hospitalized and that a healthy person exposed to the virus usually recovers within two days.

She said the virus can be dangerous to the elderly or other medically vulnerable people.


It can lower the risk of pregnancy by up to 89 percent if taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex

The Cincinnati-based grocery chain said if its pharmacists object to fulfilling a request, the store must «make accommodations to have that prescription filled for our customer.»

«We believe that medication is a private patient matter,» said Meghan Glynn, a Kroger spokeswoman. «Our role as a pharmacy operator is to furnish medication in accordance with the doctor’s prescription or as requested by a patient.»

Abortion rights activists in Georgia announced a statewide campaign Friday to raise awareness about the contraceptive.

Among them was Carrie Baker, who said a Kroger pharmacist in her hometown of Rome, Ga., refused to supply her with the contraceptive. The 42-year-old married mother of two said she asked the store’s manager in December to order the contraceptive but was told that the pharmacist refused, even though the decision contradicted company policy.

«I believe this was a responsible decision and the best way to care for my family and myself,» she said. «But Kroger doesn’t care.»

Sold as Plan B, emergency contraception is a high dose of the drug found in many regular birth-control pills. It can lower the risk of pregnancy by up to 89 percent if taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex.

Girls 17 and younger still need a prescription to buy the drug, which the FDA made available over-the-counter to adults in August.

Supporters of the drug say widespread availability will cut down on unwanted pregnancies and abortions.

Critics argue it encourages promiscuity and unprotected sex and some consider it related to abortion, although it is different from the abortion pill RU-486.

Major pharmacy chains such as CVS Corp., 파주출장안마 Rite-Aid Corp. and Walgreen Co. also have pledged to ensure that customers can buy Plan B, even if one employee declines to provide service for reasons of conscience.

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