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The two hundred, thirteen g Pro Clay Casino Chips with Clear cover aluminum case is an extremely smart searching set of chips with its very own case. Named the Pro Clay chip due to their excessive fine look and make-up, that makes them look and sense like the chips used in a number of the sector’s maximum famous casinos, this set is the correct desire for the ones of you who need to take your poker playing to the next degree. Whether gambling for quarters or large pots at your weekly poker game this poker chip case will make you feel like you’re playing in one of the global’s greatest casinos.

The Chips

The two hundred 13g Pro Casino Chips With Clear Cover Aluminum Case chips weigh 13 grams and are 39 mm in diameter. They are made form stable clay with a steel insert that permits stamping. But you won’t sense the insert, these chips are simply as smooth as those casinos use and while used often will put on the identical manner as nicely.

You get 2 hundred toned chips within the set and these chips are divided a hundred white, 50 blue, and 50 pink, although you can get extraordinary colored chips upon request. These chips inside the two hundred thirteen g Pro Casino Chips with Clear Cover Aluminum Case chips set, judi terpercaya no longer handiest appearance and experience like casino great chips but they sound like them as properly.

The Case

The case that is protected inside the 2 hundred 13g Pro Casino Chips With Clear Cover Aluminum Case chips set seems ultra contemporary and really high tech. The bottom of the case is crafted from bolstered aircraft aluminum which makes this a extraordinarily mild weight and durable case. The internal of the case is lined with inexperienced felt and has room now not only for the two hundred chips however for 2 decks of playing cards and five cube as properly. The cover is crafted from scratch resistant plexiglass which makes it easy to display this chip set to the envy of all your pals.


While the 2 hundred 13g Pro Casino Chip With Clear Cover Aluminum Case set might be well well worth the $50.00 asking rate as it is, the makers of this set have additionally protected decks of cards and five dice making this set perfect for all types of casino style video games. Everything inside the case is attractively and artistically displayed.

The white chips are stored on one side of the caseFind Article, the purple and blue on the other and the two deck of cards and the dice healthy of their own precise sections within the center of the case. This is a well designed show making the whole set even greater attractive for the price.

For those of you who are seeking to take your poker playing to the next level this set of chips is the ideal way to do that. The perfection of those chips that offers you the texture of playing at a real casino combined with the ultra strong and cutting-edge show and sporting case will make you feel like a pro whether or not you have got simply started playing or are a long time poker player.

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